Life As A Cinematic Journey

Life as A Cinematic Journey

Lecture by Esti Almo Wexler

An intimate dialog, in which Esti Almo Wexler talks about the path she took as a photographer, an artist, and a filmmaker. Esti speaks about the messages that she reflects in her work, her childhood memories, the crisis of immigration, and the challenges she faced. During the meeting, Esti shows excerpts from the television programs she created, from still photos that she took during her studies at Bezalel, and from the films she is currently working on. The workshop is intended for students, adult audiences, and teenagers.Duration - 75 minutes.

Click here to watch a scene from Summer of ‘89 (2013), Esti Almo Wexler's first film.

Life As A Cinematic Journey
Life As A Cinematic Journey
Grandfather Brahano’s Travels

Screening of Grandfather Brahano’s Travels

And a talk with the creator of the series, Esti Almo Wexler

Screening of two episodes from the Granfather Brahano’s Travels series, and a talk with the creator of the series, Esti Almo Wexler. Grandfather Brahano’s Travels is a children’s program seeking to empower children from Ethiopian backgrounds, and to expose all the children in Israel to the culture and history of the Ethiopian Jews.

Saba Brahno is a warm, friendly old man, who lives in a colorful, imaginary house with a cow, an Ethiopian wolf, and an Ethiopian deer. One day, Coco arrives at his door. She’s a young girl who lives in the same building. Each time she visits, Coco recounts how she’s coping with the new challenges in her life. Grandpa Brahno and the other characters take Coco on a journey into the past, through stories from Brahno’s days as a teenager in Ethiopia. The stories and morals help Coco deal with the challenges in her own life.
Duration of the screening and talk with the creator - 1 hour.

Grandfather Brahano’s Travels
From Melting Pot to Multiculturalism

From the Melting Pot to Multiculturalism

Lecture by Elad Wexler

From the Melting Pot to Multiculturalism deals with the changing face of Israeli society, from the growth of the nation’s cinema in the 1960s, to the present day. Duration - 90 minutes.

There’s been a recent upswing in the Israeli cinema industry, a phenomenon that is evident not only in the quantity of the films produced in Israel, but more importantly, their quality.

Using excerpts from Israeli films, Elad will illustrate the shift in the way Israelis perceive themselves. He’ll share essential knowledge on the Israeli film industry, revealing what are, in his opinion, some of the best moments from successful movies made in Israel in the last few years. The audience takes an active part in analyzing the scenes.

The lecture is suitable for ages 16 and up. Elad has spoken to members of youth groups, students, and adults. He has given over 150 lectures in Israel, The United States, Australia, England and South Africa.
Duration - 90 minutes.

From Melting Pot to Multiculturalism

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