The company was born of a common dream to create stories, through the art of film and television, dealing with all aspects of Israeli society, and to serve as a cultural bridge between the various ethnic groups in Israel.
The dream arose mainly as a result of Esti’s experiences trying to cope with her identity as an Ethiopian, an immigrant, a woman, a Jew, and an Israeli.

Thus, our productions focus on increasing the presence of Ethiopian Israelis in Israeli television and film. We believe it is vital for Ethiopian characters to appear on prime time television. We strive to accomplish this by creating high quality dramas, comedies, and talk shows, at international standards.

We believe that creating the finest artistic content, to be screened in cinemas and broadcast on the main television channels, will form the cultural bridge that will bring people closer, and that all the ethnic groups in Israeli society will truly gain acceptance.

Abayenesh Productions אביינש הפקות